Linear Mirror

The Linear Mirror concentrates solar radiation. Its reflecting surfaces, are moved concurrently. It is highly efficient also at norther latitudes and provides temperatures up to 200 °C also in winter. It projects its concentrated light always on the same spot.

The Linear Mirror has a thermal power of 8 kW, it can substitute 1000 liters of heating oil per year.

The Linear Mirror is innovative and is patent protected. It is certified with the Solar Keymark. Compared to conventional devices, its a disruptive technology.
At the time being we are producing the second generation of Linear Mirror devices, hence sometimes nominated “Linear Mirror II”.

You can order the Linear Mirror either with a solar-water heat exchanger for producing hot water up to 100°C. Or with a solar-air heat exchanger, which provides air at temperatures up to 200°C.

Nowadays, solar thermal energy is mostly used in private homes or hotels, and rarely in industrial applications. Also the first Linear Mirrors were used for heating buildings or for sanitary water.

But the Linear Mirror is very well suited also, and in particular for the industrial application, due to its low specific heat (and consequently high efficiency) and due to its high temperatures. For industry, the Linear Mirror is a game changer. Moreover, we now operate the Linear Mirror with a Siemens Logo! PLC – so you can easily integrate it in any kind of application, also as a part of the IOT.

Together with its solar-water heat exchanger, the Linear Mirror is Solar Keymark certified, and therefore eligible to state incentives in many countries.