Solar Carbon

The easiest way for producing solar carbon is to heat biomass with the hot air from the Isomorph solar-air heat exchanger, just in the same way as coffee is roasted. In this way cheap biomasses, which are not used otherwise, become high quality combustibles, for instance straw, green cut, waste etc.

A 25 kW plant for roasting waste biomass with solar energy

Note, that half of the biomass produced by agriculture is discarded, as if it were waste! Many millions of tons each year.

The Isomorph gasifier, very simple, autonomous, 25 kW

Gasifiers for biomass do exist. Usually, these gasifiers are optimized for a particular kind of biomass, in most cases for using high quality wood. Many biomass gasifiers are not suited for the industrial application, but rather are operated by hand and in batch mode.

Therefore we have constructed our own gasifier. It is as simple as a Linear Mirror: just a tube, an Archimedes screw and two 10 W ventilators. It can process many different kinds of biomass in the form of solar carbon. Its running on its own, controlled by a little computer.

It produces a clean and hot flame, up to 1200 °C. It can substitute gas- or coal burners in existing industries, for instance in coal power plants, making them CO2 neutral.  The gasifier cold also be used for producing syngas, and it should be quite trivial to make liquid fuels from that, so that nowadays cars become CO2 neutral. The applications of this gasifier are almost infinite – we would be glad to find investors or collaborations in order to accelerate this development, which could make a substantial contribution to global CO2 reduction fast.

In this example, for the first 80 minutes high quality wood pellets are gasified, for the rest of the time roasted zostera marina (sea grass) is used – it is considered a very poor combustible. Temperatures from three different sensors in the gasifier are shown. There is hardly any difference between wood pellets and zostera marina to be seen. 


Solar carbon is a game changer:

– it is a way for storing solar energy for long periods of time and without loss.

– combining thermal and electrical renewable energy, it completely substitutes fossil fuels.

– it allows to operate traditional industries unchanged with renewable energy.

– it is a non dangerous alternative to geo- engineering