Our core business is physics. We apply fundamental physics laws in order to obtain fundamentally innovative solutions. And since the fundamental laws of physics are simple, our solutions are simple too.
At present,  the most urgent problem of human mankind is renewable energy. To be more precise: we need renewable heat energy. Because renewable sources for electric energy already exist: photovoltaics, wind, hydro.

Over the last decade we have come up with an important first step for a solution: The Linear Mirror. Its a new way to provide thermal solar energy and it creates many new applications, which are difficult to obtain with conventional technologies.

For instance, the Linear Mirror can provide hot air at high temperatures. This allows to use solar energy for roasting simple biomasses, which usually are discarded, green cut, hay, humid material. Its as simple as roasting coffee. The result is “solar carbon”, a high quality combustible, which can substitute fossil fuels in many applications. CO2 neutral, of course.

Unlike conventional solar technologies, ours are compatible with existing fossil fuel technologies.
For instance, conventional coal based power plants could become CO2 neutral using solar carbon instead of fossil coal.


Many young people believe, that they can save the planet only by drastically reducing consumption and material well being. But that is only true, if you limit yourself to the conventional technologies.

Our technologies instead are competitive with fossil fuels. Therefore they allow to get rid of fossil fuels without economic suffering.

From a scientific and technical point of view fossil fuels could have been abandoned already 30 years ago. This did not happen for cultural reasons. So we try to contribute also to culture, by publishing articles, giving seminars, writing books.