About us

Isomorph srl was founded in 2004 as an accademic spin off company by the physicist Hans Grassmann. Its purpose is to do physics research, sell the results, and use the income for doing more physics research.

So Isomorph is intended to work in a way similar to a conventional law firm, which makes its expertise in the field of civil law useful for its clients.

That is what we do as well, only that we make the laws of physics useful, instead of the paragraphs of civil law. The main difference to civil right law firms is, that civil law is made by parliament, the law firms only apply the law. While instead physics laws must be made by physicist. So we are having a double function here.

In difference to traditional high tech companies we do not start from a certain product, which needs to be improved. Rather we start from physics, and we do not know in advance, what kind of technology will result. So we are automatically more innovative – not because we are more smart than our colleagues in traditional high tech companies, but because we are organized differently. We are physics driven, not application driven.