ProEsof 2020

Isomorph has been chosen to participate in the preparation of the European ESOF(*) science festival with a Pro-ESOF event. We are very proud of this honour.

Together with the environment company A&T2000, we will present and explain to the public the first industrial Linear Mirror plant. It is being constructed at Pozzuolo del Friuli at the site of A&T2000: Linear Mirrors will provide hot air for roasting “waste” biomass. That is biomass, which up to now has been considered waste and has been discarded as such. 

Roasting the biomass by means of solar energy, it becomes a high quality combustible – solar carbon -, which can be gasified and can substitute fossil fuels.
In the future, the plant will be capable of producing about 30 tons of solar carbon per year, substituting 15 tons of fossil oil or gas.

You are all invited for the Pro-ESOF happening on July 2 at via IV Genova, Pozzuolo del Friuli, at 9.00. We can also show the plant to interested parties on appointment.

(*) >>EuroScience (the founding organisation of ESOF, EuroScience Open Forum) is a pan-European grassroots organisation for the support and promotion of science and technology in Europe. The membership of EuroScience consists of individuals interested in constructing a scientific Europe. Its members include anyone interested in European research, whether professional scientists, policy-makers, industries or members of the public.

EuroScience represents European scientists of all disciplines (natural sciences, mathematics, medical sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities and the arts), institutions of the public sector, universities, research institutes as well as the business and industry sector. << (wikipedia)